BPW Success Teams

Success teams are a new program launched by BPW Switzerland; they offer you the possibility to consistently meet your goals.

What is a success team?

A success team is a group of four to six women who, over several months to support each other to achieve their individual goals. Working with clear ground rules within the team helps bring your goals steadily closer.

For many people it can be difficult to stick at personal goals, especially when the first difficulties surface. Within a success team you support and each other when facing your challenges, large and small.

The regular meetings as well as a clear structure promote self-discipline and help you keep your goals in full view. This helps you meet the goals faster than doing it without help.

The core element of the success teams is mutual support and the exchange of ideas and experience among like-minded women. The team is there to provide encouragement and constructive feedback on your individual plans. You will get ideas, tips and advice for the next steps in achieving your goals.

Requirements for success

• The group needs a climate of trust – the openness of all team members is important
• The group members must be ready to learn new things and to accept input from others
• Regular participation in the meetings is important to ensure success for all team members

What advantages does a success team offer you?

• You get to know interesting people. This means you can broaden your horizons and of course network effectively!
• You profit from the experience and knowledge of others. This is a win-win situation for everyone.
• The structured processes and efficient talks enable you to progress quickly.
• With the help of your team members you will come closer to reaching your personal goals and will be able to achieve more!

If you are intersted in joining or forming a success team, please contact your local BPW club.
If you want more information on success teams, please contact the Head Office.