Ways of mentoring

Move – the formal mentoring program by BPW

Mentors that are recognized by BPW offer topic- and industry-specific mentoring. These offerings can be found on the Mentoring Services page.
  • Interested mentees enter the number of the Move offering for which they would like to register on the mentee registration form.
  • However, it is also possible to register for freely structured mentoring. Formulate your targets and questions as precisely as possible. The mentoring coordinators from the responsible clubs will contact you based on the information you provide and put you in touch with a suitably qualified mentor.

Informal mentoring at BPW

You choose your mentor independently from our comprehensive Member Database based on the details held on record there.

As a BPW member
  • you have access to the profiles of all BPW members in Switzerland
  • you can search in a targeted manner for women offering to be mentors
  • you can contact a suitable mentor with your personal mentoring goals
You then agree together on the type and frequency of the mentoring they will provide.
BPW members declare whether they are available as mentors and on which themes in the Member Database.

It's worth becoming a BPW member – not only, but also – due to the mentoring offering!
Contact for mentoring queries at BPW