BPW +, for women after their careers


BPW+ is a subgroup of BPW, similar to Young BPW. However, this is not a grouping by age, but for members who already have, or soon will, retire. These members have other interests besides lectures on careers and work.

That’s why we formed BPW+ in 2008.

In some clubs there are already very active BPW+ groups, such as in Schaffhausen, Lucerne, Basel and Zürich. BPW+ organize their own programs, mostly at midday or in the afternoon. These can be lunches together, short excursions or visits to exhibitions. The program is always varied and is open to all BPW members.

BPW+ members are likewise welcome at all standard BPW events. We value this generation greatly for paving the path to follow. We welcome the chance to learn from their experiences and make use of their know-how.

If you have any questions concerning BPW+, please contact Lielo Fahr-Bernheim.