Young BPW

Who are we?

Young BPW are young women with something tell. We have the most diverse jobs: from economists to human resources professionals to master seamstresses. Events and regular meetings especially for Young BPW are held at several clubs. The Swiss Young BPW groups also meet annually at the “Young BPW Network Day”, which takes place at the end of January in Zurich.

Young BPW are the future of BPW.

Young BPW offer young women the opportunity to sharpen their skills and to develop further by way of events, training programs like PEP, mentoring and networking platforms.

All BPW members up to 35 years of age are automatically part of Young BPW and thus belong to a worldwide network of hundreds of young women. It’s exciting, it’s alive!


Do you want to know more about Young BPW or about their events in your area?

Contact Joana Torres, Young BPW Representative Switzerland: joana.torres(at)