Women on Boards

A high-class and unique program for members and future members of the board: This is what the Association of BPW Switzerland offers with its Board Days and courses for prospective administrators.
BPW Switzerland has clearly positioned itself with the demand for quotas for women on boards of directors: We want more women in the highest economic bodies. But that's not all: we go one step further and also offer further training and exchange of experience. Reason: The requirements for a Board of Directors mandate are becoming increasingly complex, the work is becoming more and more professional and the legal and regulatory framework conditions require ever greater knowledge. In order to be well prepared for this, a Board Day is held every year dedicated to a specific topic.
Courses for future board members
Since 2013, we have also been offering practical training that addresses the main aspects of a BoD mandate.
Until 2017, finance and its control were the focus of four different courses on topics such as business models, financial reports, auditors' reports, key performance indicators (KPIs) and analysis of annual reports.
In 2018, the courses offered will focus on the legal aspects:

Playing the company game correctly - legal fitness course (s) for prospective board members
- 25.04.2018: The well-considered approval of a Board of Directors mandate and duties of the Board of Directors
- 30.05.2018: Liability risks of members of the Board of Directors
- 29.08.2018: Labour law issues in the company
Board Days
The first Board Day took place in 2012. Since then, this day has been held annually. Here are the topics of the Board Days:

    ​7th BPW Board Day: Effects of digitisation on SMEs - details to follow
  • 2017: Avenir de la place financière - speakers
  • 2016: Wenn die Krise den Verwaltungsrat trifft - speakers
  • 2015: Focus on the development and implementation of successful strategies - speakers
  • 2014: Compliance: A blessing or a curse for board members? - speakers
  • 2013: The importance of assessing the risks of your board assignment - speakers
  • 2012: Profile, delicate balance and role of a board member
Women on board!
- a joint series of events with Lawandwomen and SKO -
The third joint event will take place on 11 April 2018: "Women on board! Success through diversity", 11.04.2018 in Zurich

Review of the event "Women on board! Dialogue on the Bridge", 03.05.2017 in Zurich
Review of the event "Women on board! Do quotas work", 27.04.2016 in Zurich