Women on Boards

BPW wants to play an active role in helping to ensure that more women (currently 20%) are appointed to the Boards of Directors in Switzerland. Therefore, BPW gets involved at political level as well as with networking platforms and tailor-made courses.

BPW wants to help increase the proportion of women in the largest listed companies in Switzerland with political demands, as well as events and courses for women who are interested in a Board of Directors mandate.


BPW Switzerland has clearly positioned itself with its demand for female quotas on board of directors: we want more women in the highest economic bodies. However, that's not enough: we go one step further and also offer further training and exchange of experience. Reason: the requirements for a Board of Directors mandate are becoming increasingly complex, the work is becoming more and more professional and the legal and regulatory framework conditions require ever greater knowledge. Prospective Board members can benefit from a high-quality, one-time programme with the so-called Board Days and the courses in finance and law.

Courses for prospective administrators

Since 2013, the Association of BPW Switzerland has been organizing practical training that tackles the main aspects of a BoD mandate. Until 2017, the finances and their control were the core of four different courses on topics such as business model, financial reports, auditors' report, key performance indicators (KPIs) and analysis of annual reports. Since 2018, the courses focus on the legal aspects: playing properly the game of society – legal fitness for prospective administrators. The dates of the next courses can be found under Events.

Board Day

In 2012, the first Board Day took place. These meetings are centred around a current topic; usually initiated by an opening presentation, followed by discussions and/or workshops. Since 2018, the Board Day has become Women on Board – a joint series of events with Women Lawyers Switzerland and Swiss Cadre Organisation (SKO).
  • 2018: Impact of digitization on SMEs
  • 2017: The future of the financial marketplace
  • 2016: When the crisis hits the Board.
  • 2015: Focus on the development and implementation of successful strategies
  • 2014: Compliance: A blessing or a curse for board members?
  • 2013: The importance of assessing the risks of your board assignment
  • 2012: Profile, delicate balance and role of a board member
BPW continues its fruitful cooperation with Women Lawyers Switzerland and Swiss Cadre Organisation (SKO) and is planning to roll events around these topics.