Women on Boards

A unique offer for members or future members of administrative boards. A unique, first-class program for members and future board members. This is what the association BPW Switzerland offers with its Board Days and finance courses.
BPW Switzerland has always maintained a clear position as regards petitioning for a minimum quota of women on boards of directors: we want to see more women on top-level committees throughout the world of business. But this is not enough: we are going one step further and offering training courses on this. The reason? The requirements associated with a board of directors' mandate are becoming ever more complex, the related activities are becoming more and more professional, and the legal and regulatory conditions require increasingly in-depth specialist knowledge. In order to be optimally prepared for this, we hold an annual Board Day dedicated to a specific topic.
We have also offered a unique training course that covers the main aspects of a BoD mandate: Finances and controlling activities. This not only concerns knowing how to read figures correctly, but also recognising when and how a member of a board of directors has to exercise his or her responsibilities. As a supervisory body, boards of directors have to discover risks and identify any problems that could arise. With finance courses I, II and III, we offer since 2013 three modules looking at the evaluation and controls involved in good corporate management. This includes topics such as business models, performance indicators as well as the analysis of financial figures and risks.
The finance courses are very popular among our members and are held since 2013. The dates in 2016:
Registered prospects are cordially invited to take part in all events! 

The first Board Day took place in 2012. Since then it has been held once a year. These have been the topics in the past:
  • 2012: Profile, delicate balance and role of a board member
  • 2013: The importance of assessing the risks of your board ssignment
  • 2014: Compianc: A blessing or a curse for board members?
  • 2015: Focus on the development and implementation of successful strategies
  5th BPW Board Day: Friday, November 4th 2016 in Berne