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07.11.2017   World Economic Forum: Global Gender Gap Report 2017
07.11.2017   Oui à l’introduction de quotas en matière de représentation des sexes dans le droit de la société anonyme
13.10.2017   Women in the Workplace 2017 - a study conducted by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey
09.10.2017   The Pursuit of Gender Equality: An Uphill Battle
25.09.2017   Kompetente Frauen in die Verwaltungsräte!
22.09.2017   The question of women in the Federal Council is to come before the people. The non-election of Isabelle Moret has made many angry.
21.09.2017   Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC)
21.09.2017   BPW Board Day 2017: L' avenier de la place financière
08.09.2017   Margrith Bigler-Eggenberger war die erste Bundesrichterin der Schweiz. Besuch bei einer Frau, die sich niemals einschüchtern ließ.
07.09.2017   Teilzeit oder Vollzeit, was macht zufriedener? / Temps partiel ou plein temps pour rendre les gens plus heureux ?
26.08.2017   Why are women smaller than men?
13.06.2017   Feminismus ist immer radikal
27.04.2017   How Office Culture Can Crush Women’s Ambitions
27.04.2017   Was junge Menschen in Europa zu Gleichstellung und Feminismus denken
27.04.2017   11 Simple Things Men Can Do For Feminism
27.04.2017   Bügeln um das letzte Hemd am Equal Pay Day
27.04.2017   2nd International Colloquium Job & Top Sharing
03.04.2017   Gender quotas and the crisis of the mediocre man
30.03.2017   UN Commission provides roadmap to women’s full and equal participation
20.02.2017   Equal Pay
20.01.2017   Christine Lagarde at WEF about equality
19.12.2016   Now online: the year in review
19.10.2016   „Enough is enough!“
23.06.2016   Women in financial services
18.05.2016   Earthquake hit Kumamoto in Southern region of Japan on April 14. 2016
11.05.2016   Girls Just Want Equal Funds with Cyndi Lauper
15.03.2016   BOARDS WITH WOMEN: BPW Europe launch new campaign
02.03.2016   Wanted: Manager Financial Planning and Reporting
19.02.2016   Firms with More Women in the C-Suite Are More Profitable
10.02.2016   Prize for women's creativity in rural live

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