With targeted and tailor-made courses, BPW wants to prepare women for leadership tasks so that they can strengthen themselves and take on new tasks with self-confidence.

Empowerment training is an interactive training programme specifically designed for women, in order to prepare them for individual leadership roles in professional and social spheres. BPW trainers offer this programme in Switzerland. The seminar has a modular structure and provides the basis for the most important skills and knowledge that “women on the road to success” need. Building on this basis, BPW also offers the Leadership Programme.

Target groups

  • Women who are planning their next career move and seeking a leadership position
  • Women who want to take on leadership roles in associations and organisations
  • Women who are starting and want to develop their professional skills
  • Women who are looking for a change of vocational direction

Training Contents

  • Presentation of the international women's network BPW
  • Introduction to behavioural and communication styles
  • Effective team composition
  • Try the presentation techniques
  • Give a speech spontaneously
  • Successful networking
  • The job interviews
  • Negotiation skills for the job and other opportunities
  • Develop leadership qualities
  • Parliamentary Rules – Conduct meetings and conferences
  • Business Etiquette
  • Political commitment and lobbying
  • Goals, values, visions – reach for the stars!
  • Self-marketing and public relations
Current dates for Empowerment Training or Leadership Programmes can be found under Events. For further information and questions, please contact our Central Office.