Business and Professional Women – much more than just a network

Business and Professional Women (BPW) is the most important association of working women nationally and globally. The expansive network of BPW supports women and uses targeted promotions to help them in their career and personal development.

The members of BPW include women in positions of responsiblity in business, politics and society. We also include women at the beginning of their professional careers.

BPW Switzerland has 2500 women from different occupations, management levels and industries, organised in over 40 clubs in all regions of Switzerland. BPW members develop partnerships throughout business, politics and society and are members of European and international bodies like the UN, WHO, EWL and ILO. BPW members are actively involved and influential in furthering the interests of working women.

Equal Pay: 12'000 Citizen demonstrated in Bern on March 7, 2015

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UN Representatives of BPW International in Switzerland

Représentantes ONU BPW International

Around Yasmin Darwich, President BPW International, the UN Representatives from New-York, Vienna, Rome and Geneva. Geneva, November 2014.

Autumn Conference 2014, Olten

BPW Olten accueillent la Conférence d'automne des BPW Switzerland

BPW Olten invited BPW Switzerland for the autumn conference.

28. BPW International Kongress, Jeju, Korea, Mai 2014

Our swiss delegates in Jeju.

700 BPW from around the world - 31 from Switzerland ! - Gallery