Equal Pay Day

Equal Pay Day is a national day of action dedicated to raising awareness of the gender pay gap. 

"La discrimination salariale est injuste et affaiblit notre société dans son ensemble.
L'égalité salariale entre les femmes et les hommes est une promesse constitutionnelle fondamentale qui doit enfin être tenue."

Alain Berset, Conseiller fédéral, Chef du Département  fédéral de l'intérieur DFI

According to the Swiss Earnings Structure Survey (2018), the current salary gap between men and women is 14.4%. Such a gap in pay is illegal and is in breach of the Gender Equality Act contained in the Federal Constitution.

The date on which Equal Pay Day is held changes from year to year as it reflects the salary difference. If a man receives his salary from 1 January 2021, a woman must work 14.4% for free until she also receives a salary... well, that was until 20 February in 2021.

In a number of towns throughout Switzerland, the famous Equal Pay Day bags are distributed on that very day in order to raise the awareness of the general public to the issue of equal pay. Women should be encouraged to negotiate better their wages, and men should realize that they too can benefit from the principle of equal pay for equal work.

BPW Switzerland publishes a briefing with a list of arguments about equal pay. It is available at the BPW Central Office.